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Hi, I'm Paul Pacey - a Canadian born, European based photographer, parent, artist, educator, and student.  I love old cameras, craft beer, acoustic guitars and campfires. I'm also the driving force behind  STARBRIGHT.

I feel truly blessed for the life photography has provided me, and count the work I've done for the world's leading International Schools among the most fulfilling of my 20 year career.

If you're a Marketing and Admissions manager or Principal of an International school, this site is dedicated specifically to you. I think you'll find you're in the right place.

Welcome, to STARBRIGHT.




Simply stated, STARBRIGHT provides boutique marketing and advertising photography to INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS looking to project a STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE and boost their competitive position.


The approach is candid, up close, and energetic, providing an honest but flattering representation of each school's academic experience. When it comes to showing off your school in its best light, WE ARE THE TRUTH, BEST TOLD.





So far,  North America   Central America  Europe  Middle East   Southeast Asia  and China.


And thanks for asking but, no, I am not looking for another assistant:)


I am currently fully booked until May 2019.

If you'll be looking for new photographs next school year or beyond, let's talk sooner than later. 









1. SHARE - What are your selling points? Where are your now? Where do you want to go? And how do we help get you there? A quick 30 minute video chat may not cover everything, but it's a pretty good start.

2. PLAN - Creating a schedule with up to 30 photo ops is no easy task. To help guide you though the process, I have created a detailed series  of subject-specific insights aimed to identify, prioritize, and even influence some of the photo ops that have proven to work best. 

3. BOOK - Schools are responsible for booking and pre-paying hotel and transportation costs. Meal expense and/or local transportation receipts can be settled by petty cash or added afterwards to the final invoice.








4. SHOOT - Though final results will vary, typical schedules cover between 12 to 15 photo ops per day. Over a 2 day shoot, you should end up with aproximately 400 solid images that should last you about 2 years.


5. PRESENT - Upon completion and final edit, you will be provided with a watermarked gallery of finished works so as to demonstrate the results of the assignment. Only upon your satisfaction will we issue an invoice.


6. DELIVER - Once final payment has been received, you shall receive the full-resolution files of all completed works in digital form within 48 hours via Dropbox or equivalent digital delivery service.




1. I UNDERSTAND - I understand that excellence extends beyond the classroom, and that when in comes to driving new enrollments in competitive markets, first impressions really count. I also understand the logistic challenges of successful photo campaigns and how to navigate those challenges in the most efficient and fruitful way possible.

2. I SPECIALIZE  - There may be cheaper, closer, or maybe even better photographers out there. But with over 80 international school campaigns under my belt, the insight I provide my clients simply can not be compared. The level of logistic support and professional experience I bring will not only elevate your school's image, it's one of the things that set my work apart.

3. I'M LESS THAN YOU MAY THINK - When it comes to the bottom line, of course every dollar counts. Considering the expertise and quality of work I provide, you'll be surprised at just how competitive my rates truly are even when compared to more locally sourced commercial photographers. Averaged at a cost of less than 5 USD per final shot, you'd be hard pressed to find a bigger bang for your buck anywhere else.

4. YOU'RE WORTH IT - Your school has invested considerable resources into upholding the highest standards and best educational experience possible for your students. It only stands to reason that your photography does the same.