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Hi Zoe,
You were asking about what the order system would potentially look like if we cooperated together. Since it's easier to show than to explain, the following will give you a pretty good idea what I can offer in terms of full service. (Please excuse the PBS watermarks!)
I fully understand that creating great photos is only the first step, and that being able to provide an easy-to-navigate web interface, attractive product line, integrated shopping experience and personalized service are all equally important.
Should we decide to proceed, the order system would follow 4 easy steps, starting with...


DCIS would receive a DEDICATED URL, along with a school-wide PASSWORD, just for you. Not only will access be denied from anyone without the proper password, your school's portrait site won't even appear in Google search engines, meaning that all your school's portraits are safe, secure, and for your eyes only.
Upon entering the correct password, parents will land on a home page where they will have immediate access to each of DCIS's class galleries. 


Once parents select which class their child is in, finding and selecting their favorite photos is only a quick scroll away.



Once parents select the image(s) they would like to order, they will be given a variety of product options to choose from. As per any modern shopping cart experience, they can add, delete, or otherwise edit their shopping cart at any point prior to checkout.



To ease any burden DCIS may bare in terms of distributing orders, all purchases will be sent directly to individual families according to the address details they provide. 
Please note that orders will be shipped from the UK, and that shipping times and costs will naturally vary according to size, weight, and final destination.
Payments are securely processed through Paypal which accepts all major credit cards. A PayPal account is not required.


That's it!
Should we proceed the conversation, we'd both have to look at the potential timing for something like this, and I'd have to look at what kind of products/prices your previous provider offered to see if I can deliver something better and still maintain enough of a margin that makes sense.
If you would like a reference, please feel free to reach out to the Marketing and Admissions Director at the new NAE school in Prague, Fraser Lister of the Prague British School, whom I have done school portraits for over the last 5 years. His email address is:
We still have until June to work it out, but let me know what you think when you get a chance.
All the best,
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